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An exotic blend of sweet and savory that creates memorable Eastern dishes; our Tasty Thai seasoning will enhance your dishes with the exotic flavors of Thailand.  Can be used as a rub for meats or seafood, or as an added zing to vegetables.  Combine with coconut milk for an easy Thai Marinade.  Use to flavor rice and noodle dishes, vegetables, meat, poultry, shrimp, tofu, curry and sauces.  


My Tasty Thai Seasoning combines herbs and spices, with lemongrass and a hint of curry, to give a  delicious Thai inspired flavor.  Sprinkle over chicken before grilling or BBQ & serve on coconut rice with a squeeze of lime juice & fresh coriander leaves.  Add liberally to Thai inspired stir fry, rice dishes or BBQ meats & vegies.

Tasty Thai

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  • Garlic, Coconut flakes, Ginger, Coconut Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, Whie Pepper, Lemongrass, Fenugreek, Red Pepper Flakes, Mint Leaves, Cumin, Lime Leaves.

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